About Diplomas

In June 2016, we launched our Diplomas program, in which students can earn digital diplomas in addition to course certificates for completing specific course pathways.

Like our course certificates, these diplomas are issued through our partner Accredible and can be freely shared, printed, displayed on social networks, etc.

As of the launch, three programs are available*, including the Business Administration Core Program, the Computer Science Minor, and the Customer Service Certification Program. Details for these programs can be found on our Pathways page.


How do I start a diploma program? How will I earn my diploma?

To get started, you just need to begin any of the courses. You will earn a certificate for each course you pass. When you have passed all the required coursework, the diploma will automatically be issued to you. It may take about 24 to 48 hours for your diploma to be issued; if you have not received it by then, let us know. You can keep track of all your course certificates through your Accredible dashboard as well as through your Saylor Academy account.

Will other diplomas be available?

Yes. We plan to define additional diploma sequences in the coming weeks and months. We welcome community input; please share your ideas!

Why diplomas?

A single diploma is much more convenient to share or list on a resume/c.v. than many course certificates. You can certainly add course certificates as evidence items to your diploma, however, which will allow you to show how much work went into earning the diploma. Diplomas also represent a well-defined goal that can help students stay motivated while accomplishing a great deal.

Are these degrees?

No; Saylor Academy does not issue degrees. Most of our courses, however, are designed to be equivalent to one-semester undergraduate college courses, so many of our diplomas will represent the knowledge equivalent of a substantial portion of a bachelor's degree.

* Additional diplomas were issued to some students for programs that consist of previously-completed legacy courses.

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