In-Person Proctor Protocols

See ProctorU Protocols to use our preferred proctoring provider.

Who may serve as a proctor?

Proctors must be impartial, disinterested parties who have no relation or established relationship with any student taking the examination. Established relationships that disqualify a person from serving as your proctor include friends, relatives, employers, work associates, supervisors, or fellow Saylor students.

The following individuals may serve as proctors: certified librarians, military education services officers, embassy representatives, and school officials (such as principals, deans, or guidance counselors).

All proctors must have a valid e-mail address and Internet access.


The test taker is responsible for any fees that are due to the proctor. Saylor Academy does not levy or collect any fees for in-person proctoring.

What to do

Student responsibilities:

  • Find and make initial contact with a willing, qualified proctor (students should direct potential proctors to this page so that they can determine if they meet the qualifications and are willing to carry out the responsibilities listed below).
  • Inform proctors of the Saylor exams that you intend to take.
  • Schedule a test date and arrange for an appropriate location.

For Proctors:

  • Proctor Setup:
      • At least one week prior to the first scheduled proctoring session, proctors should contact Saylor Academy to submit a copy of their identification along with full name, address where testing will take place, and telephone number. (Once Saylor has verified the proctor’s identity, we will provide the proctor with exam delivery instructions.)
  • Prior to Exam:
      • Read over the detailed requirements for proctoring listed on the Proctor’s Responsibility Form.
      • Provide an appropriate location for taking the examination, free of distractions and comfortable for test taking.
      • To access the proctored exam, the student will log in to their Saylor Academy account. When the link for the proctored exam is clicked, the student will be prompted for a password. The proctor will enter the password without revealing it to the student.
  • During the Exam:
      • The student should be frequently monitored during the course of the examination to ensure he/she is completing the the exam following the guidelines.
  • After the Exam:
      • Upon completion of each examination the proctor is required to completely fill out the Proctor’s Responsibility Form, which should then be mailed or emailed to Saylor Academy.

Guidelines for Students During Exam:

  • The student may not view the examination prior to the date/time arranged for taking the examination. The exam must be taken in one sitting.
  • The student is responsible for bringing any necessary supplies, such as pens, pencils and blank paper.
  • The student is only allowed to use the resources indicated on the Proctored Exam Instructions Page while taking the examination. Additional resources are prohibited.
  • The student is permitted to write their answers down during the examination for use in case they get locked out or lose their Internet connection. The Proctor must take and destroy the written answers before the student leaves the exam location.
  • The student must adhere to the time limit restrictions on the examination.

All proctor verification forms will be stored by Saylor Academy for at least five years following the exam.

Saylor Academy Contact

Devon Ritter, Director of Education

Saylor Academy
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